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                          Enterprise aim : Customer first, integrity highest!

                          Operation belief: To be honest, practical, high-efficient and considerate to our customers is what we are always pursuing.

                          Service tenet: Responsible for every procedure; responsible for every machine; responsible for every customer.

                          We offer customers various types of crusher,Hammer Crusher, Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher, Stone Crusher, Hammer Mill,  to meet the demand of different materials processing.

                          According to the needs of dressing and the actual situation of mine to choose the most appropriate and effective machine for customer.

                          Provide program design and technological flow design.
                          Good quality products and considerate service are provided for 24 hours to all the customers.

                          In addition, set up the relevant technology and after sales offices to help customers have better treatment in production problems. We will help customer install and test of equipment and train the workers at present.

                          After the installation is finished, our service engineer will stay to ensure customers' machine run well.

                          Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd 2013-2016 all rights reserved.    Address:No.19Fuqing Rd,Shanghai

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