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          VSI Impact Crusher

          VSI vertical shaft impact Crusher
          VSI impact Crusher  for sale, VSI impact Crusher  manufacturer, VSI impact Crusher  supplier

          CLIRIK VSI impact Crusher  has replaced VSI-5X impact Crusher , roller impact Crusher , roller ball mill etc, and become the mainstream sand making equipment in artifical sand business.
          CLIRIK vsi impact Crusher  is mainly used as sand making machine in manufactured sand industry.
          The newly-developed VSI ( vertical shaft impact ) impact Crusher  is designed to incorporate three crushing types and change feeding methods, so it can be used as a impact Crusher  machine and a stone shapping machine. Moreover vsi impact Crusher  can be operated 720 hours continuously.

          VSI Impact Crusher Application

          VSI impact Crusher  in the sand making plant
          In the manufacturered sand making plant, it is the main sand impact Crusher  machine. In the sand making process, VSI impact Crusher  is used to crush crushed stone materials into fine particles. Especially hard stones such as quartz sandstone, emery, basalt.

          VSI impact Crusher  for stone shapping

          There are very strict with shape of stone materials used in construction building. So, in order to make the crushed stones used as building aggregates, generally we use vsi impact Crusher  after crushing process for stone shpping.

          VSI Impact Crusher Main Features and Benefits

          1.Advanced double-pump oil lubrication system guarantee shaft bearing lower temperature increase, longer life time, more reliable operation.
          2.Main shaft is equipped with imported precision rolling bearing. It makes main shaft work stable, lengthen maintenance cycle, increase productivity.
          3.Hydraulic lifting mechanism of upper cover can move away the cover easily, which saves man power during maintenance.
          4.Over-vibration device is equipped. There will be alarm when vibration surpasses a stipulated figure.It will stop the vsi impact Crusher  machine, in order to protect it.
          5.Special dust-proof design for main shaft bearing fully avoid dust entering bearing lubrication part, which make sure the impact Crusher  machine work normally.
          6.Special feed opening structure make the vsi impact Crusher  machine possible that center feeding and ring feeding comes together,in order to meet requirements of different stones. In addition, this equipment can not only crush stone, but also iron.
          7.Shape of material-thronging device is better designed, which improve the utilization ratio.
          8.Optimized arrangement design of wear resistant materials increase the service life of the machine by over 40%, thus decrease the cost by over 40%.
          9.The main frame is made with rivet hot technique, which enhances intensity of structure and tenacity,and ensures stable performance.

          VSI Impact Crusher Specification

          Model Feed at center&sides Feed at center Soft Material Hard Material REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
          Capacity (t/h) Max.Feeding (mm)
          VSI7611 120-180 60-90 35 30 1700-1890 4-55×2 Y250M-4/55 4100×2250×2258
          VSI8518 200-260 100-130 40 35 1520-1690 4-90×2 Y280M-4/90 4140×2280×2425
          VSI9526 300-380 150-190 45 40 1360-1510 4-132×2 Y315M-4/132 4560×2450×2780
          VSI1140 450-520 225-260 50 45 1180-1310 4-200×2 Y315L2-4/200 5100×2690×3200
          VSI-5X impact Crusher price:

          If you want to know the VSI impact Crusher price or have any questions about VSI impact Crusher , please do not hesitate to contact us.
          Phone: 0086-21-20236178
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