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            HPC Cone Crusher

            Introduction of HPC Cone Crusher:

            Base on the latest technology and decades of years' producing experience, Clirik designed the HPC series cone crusher. It has excellent crushing efficiency and good hydraulic control system. Now the HPC series cone crusher has wide application in secondary crushing of many kinds of mining and rock, etc.
            Image of HPC Cone Crusher:

            Features of HPC Cone Crusher:

            1. Large reduction ratio, high production efficiency;
            2. Less consumption of wearing parts, low operating costs;
            3. Pyramid broken, perfect of product shape;
            4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic pressure cavity clear high degree of automation to reduce downtime;
            Application of HPC Cone Crusher:

            HPC series cone crusher is applied to cement mill, mining, building construction, road &bridge construction, railway construction and metallurgy and some other industries. Materials like iron ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, cobblestone and some others are easily crushed by cone crusher.
            Technical data of HPC Cone Crusher:

            Model Movable Cone Diameter (mm) Chamber Style Min. Discharging (mm) Max. Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
            HPC220 1220 Coarse 19 210 185-300 220 Y2-355M1-4 2726×1950×2182
            Fine 13 105 150-210
            HPC400 1570 Coarse 30 290 400-500 400 Y3-4002-6 3447×2830×2977
            Fine 16 135 260-400
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