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                            Coarse Hammer Mill

                            coarse hammer mill
                            Detailed Description of Coarse hammer mill:
                            Coarse hammer mill is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical,cement coal ,dry stone, construction, sand, refractories and ceramic industrial and mining enterprises, engaged in breaking and crushing the material in the operation.
                            Coarse hammer mill is a kind of new high-tech mill machine to meet the requirements of coarse powder processing customers. The Coarse hammer mill is developed based on our experts' rich experience in the milling industry and considering recommendations and requirements of domestic and foreign clients. It is the ideal equipment to replace Raymond Mill, ball mill, and other traditional mill which only process fine powder materials. It is high-efficiency equipment and widely applied in quartz sand, silica sand, foundry sand, fine sand and other sand abrasive industry. By being a component of closed production lines, it can produce various size products of better effect.
                            Coarse hammer mill Working Principle

                            The European version of rough grinding casing, rotor, bearing the hammer and the grate bars and other components. Upper and lower case in two parts, welded together by a steel plate after cutting, the remaining parts bolted into one. Set with high manganese steel liner inside the case, to facilitate replacement of worn; its array of rules installed on the spindle distribution of the hammer, hammer and rotary table and through the rotor shaft formed. Host through the motor, V-belt driven spindle, so that the rotor rotates, hammer by the centrifugal force generated by rotation around the stretch to, bulk materials from the feed inlet into the crushing chamber, the high-speed movement of the hammer will be crushed. Broken by passing the material under.
                            Advantages and Features of Coarse hammer mill

                            1.the production capacity, high crushing ratio;
                            2.low power consumption, uniform particle size;
                            3.mechanical structure is simple, compact and lightweight;
                            4.low investment costs, management, and convenient.
                            Specification of Coarse hammer mill
                            Model PC4008-75 PC4012-90 PC4015-132
                            Rotor diameter (mm) 750 900 1150
                            Rotor length(mm) 800 1200 1500
                            Rotor speed (r/min) 800-1000 800-1000 550-800
                            Feed head size(mm) 320×930 400×1200 500×1500
                            Max feed size(mm) < 30 < 40 < 50
                            Fineness (mm) 0-3 0-3 0-8
                            Processing (t/h) 15-30 30-60 60-100
                            Motor Power(KW) 75 90 132
                            Dimensions (L×W×H/mm) 2130×1665×1610 2840×2100×2020 3720×2650×2540
                            Note: This specification is just referencing, any changes are subject to the products.
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