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                              How to install Hammer crusher

                              3d字谜彩飞票舞总汇Time:2014-03-26 16:45    Author:clirik

                              Hammer crusher main working parts of the rotor with a hammer. Hit, impact, shear, abrasive and high-speed movement of the hammer and crushed. Then when we use the it, how to install it, how to test it, and now we have to understand that how to install hammer crusher?
                              1, easy to use electrical equipment to better position.
                              2. Check whether the bearing of an appropriate lubricant.
                              3, the motor should be safe with the inlet opposite direction.
                              4. Before installing the terrain can be selected according to sources of raw materials.
                              5, before commissioning should first check whether fasteners completely secure.
                              6. Check whether the body or other metal objects fall into unbreakable debris.
                              7, the machine by anchor bolts in concrete, leaving a row of mine shafts when designing the foundation, its slope can not be less than 50 °, but the user can also be based feeder and transport equipment custom.
                              8. Turn the rotor by hand to see if it is normal, with or without friction phenomenon, if confirmed unimpeded movement when empty before the start, no noise test half an hour later, no swing, bearing temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, can load test.
                              Shanghai Clirik technical staff detailed these knowlege about hammer crusher,if you need help about hammer crusher,grinding mill youu can contact us.
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