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                        Hammer Crusher Manufacturer in india

                        Time:2016-12-21 09:01    Author:clirik

                        Hammer Crusher

                        Hammer crusher, called as Hammer Mill Crusher too, is is equipment using high-speed rotary hammers to crush materials, mainly applied to the industries of metallurgy, mining, chemistry, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramics. It can crush hard and soft ores into medium or small size, such as barite, limestone, gypsum, terrazzo, coal, slag, and up to 100 different kinds.
                        Hammer Crusher Manufacturer in india
                        Working Principle of Hammer Crusher
                        The motor drives the rotor rotates of the Hammer Crusher at a high speed through the belt, and on the rotor there are series hammers. When the materials get into the working area of hammers, they are crushed by the rotating hammers of the Hammer Crusher with high rotation speed, the products which are crushed to meet the required size can be discharged by the outlet and become the final products, the large size products are brought back to the crushed area by the hammers of the Hammer Crusher for being re-crushed until they reached the required size.
                        Hammer Crusher Manufacturer in india
                        Shanghai Clirik Machinery as a Stone Crusher and grinding mill manufacturer, supply machines to all over the world. If you are intrested in hammer crusher, please contact us now!
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